Visitor Registration and Management

As organization implement stricter security policies,  visitor registration and management solutions are becoming much more important in todays work place. Resource Central offers resource and room booking capabilities and in conjunction with that, it includes a visitor registration and management option so that when a user books a meeting room and invites external guests, they can pre-register them with reception. This way, when your invited guest arrives for their meeting, your receptionist will have the names of all of the attendees of your meeting and they can then identify them by name and provide them with a more professional and warmer welcome when your guests arrive.


Even with the advent of these visitor registration and management technologies, organizations are using excel spreadsheets or manual paper processes to manage their visitors arriving to their office. This process has a tendency to be error prone and often very time consuming. By using resource centrals visitor registration and management module, it allows your reception to have your guests list and pre-print their name badges in-advance to them arriving. If you include barcode scanning capabilities, you can track all registered visitors within your facility, thus eliminating any manual processes of tracking your guests throughout your building.

Key Benefits for Deploying a Visitor Registration and Management Solution

  • Improves security, by allowing you to determine who is in your building
  • allows for easy  detection of non registered guests
  • You can inform the meeting organizer via email that their guests have arrived
  • Improves the productivity of your receptionists

Resource Centrals visitor registration and management solution, delivers improved security by offering your users the ability to securely register any guests entering your building. With its guest preregistration capabilities, you can reduce the wait times and line ups as guest arrive and offer your guests a more welcoming impression upon their arrival. With resource centrals registration data base, you can create a digital record of all guests.

Visitor Registration and Management

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Visitor Registration and Management

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