Remote Working and Social Distancing Software Suite 

Make social distancing and remote working easy for yourself and your team! Introducing our newest social distancing and remote workforce friendly management software module from TableAir. It allows your team members to work as productively whether they’re in the office or working remotely!

How we can help you and your company practice social distancing when you’re back in the office

If your workplace is classified as an essential service, or if you’re looking to get ahead and prepare for your team’s eventual return to work, we have some great options to help you and your employees feel safe at work.

With TableAir’s hot desk booking, you can manage the availability of desks and make sure that there are at least 6 feet between each open hot desk. This allows you and your employees to practice social distancing safely and easily!


The administrator can temporarily disable workspaces and desks, meaning employees will have plenty of space between them. Employees can book these workspaces on the TableAir app for both Android and Apple devices.
To continue to ensure safety, limit the use of meeting rooms and encourage folks to hold their meetings online. You can use TableAir to help facilitate this too by using the app on your phone or on your computer!

How we can support you while you practice social distancing and your team is working remotely

On the other hand, here is how your organization can help its employees – and its bottom line – by implementing our new TableAir remote working management module:

  • You can manage your remote working policies and supervise your employees more effectively.
  • You can use Microsoft Teams for meetings and video conferences throughout the day. It makes project collaboration so much easier!
  • Your remote workforce team members can use Microsoft Planner to establish and keep track of their tasks. They can also monitor their progress and collaborate via Microsoft Teams on the various tasks assigned. This is a great tool for both employees and management alike!
  • TableAir gives your employees the option to schedule downtime, such as lunch breaks, vacation days, or paid time off for special appointments. Work-life balance is crucial for happy employees.

Furthermore, when your remote workforce team members need to go to the office on a specific day for an internal meeting or client meeting, the TableAir remote workforce management software module provides them with the ability to pre-book a hot desk or conference room. It beats doing everything manually, and will make both your, and your team members’ lives a breeze!

Check out a quick tutorial here:

We also have Resource Central, another one of our useful resource management software solutions, which you can use in conjunction with TableAir. Among many things, you can book additional services like catering, request facilities to configure rooms in specific ways, or have the IT or AV departments help setup any equipment you might need for meetings in the booked conference rooms.

All these products are available through our remote workforce management software suite.

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