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Introducing the "Scan & Click" QR Code Desk Booking Software from TableAir!

If you’re looking for a QR Code Desk Booking Software for your company, “Scan & Click” is for you.

The new “Scan & Click” QR code desk booking software from TableAir makes it easy to find an available desk or room and book it on the spot. Simply scan the QR code on the desk or the conference you want to book. Then, if it’s available, confirm the date and time and book it. Easy peasy, anyone with a smartphone can do it!

Make desk booking accessible. Whether it’s someone’s first day in the office, or they’re close to retirement,  finding and booking a desk with TableAir’s QR Code Desk Booking App is super simple!

For those who don’t know how a QR code works, the first thing you’d need to do is download the TableAir QR Code desk booking app onto your smartphone.

Then, you open up the app and scan the QR code on the desk and the app will check the system for availability of that desk or conference room.

If it’s free, click the booking and it’s yours! TableAir made it easy and accessible that anyone, regardless of age, can use it.

QR code desk booking

If that wasn’t enough, here are a few other ways it can elevate your workplace and organization:

  • It’s easy to find an available desk or room (which we talked about above).
  • Checking-in is quick and simple, and takes no time at all.
  • After scanning the availability of the booking, the sanitation module will identify if the desk is clean. Perfect to make your workplace COVID-19 friendly.
  • This system is super fast and easy to install into your current operating system. Your IT team will love it!
  • Cost effective, meaning you save money while keeping your employees, productive, safe and working efficiently.
  • It eliminates the need for expensive sensors.
  • Allows for simple tracking and reporting, which the C-Suite will love.
QR code desk booking

Remote working:

If you, or your team is working remotely, the TableAir QR code app lets you keep track of your team.

You can see their location on the TableAir booking screen. If you want to book a desk near a colleague just scan the QR code on the desk you want to book with your phone and the TableAir’s remote working module does the rest.


Should your schedule change and you need change your desk booking, this same app can be used to book a different desk in the office as well.  Once the new office desk is confirmed, the old remote booking will be automatically canceled, even if you haven’t scanned the QR code to check out. How easy is that?


QR code desk booking

Still note sure? Here’s a short video showing you how the app works.


Want to learn more about the TableAir QR code booking software?

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