Autumn is coming, which means kids are heading back to school and senior management is anxious for folks to come back into the office. With the pandemic still going strong, there are several things to consider when you’re planning your back to work strategy. This includes new workplace policies to be put in place, as well as software you’ll need and prepare procedures you’re going to need to put in place.

If you’re working with your senior management who are planning to bring your staff back in the office, then here are a few things you definitely need to consider:

What ways can you make the transition most efficient?

While your teams have gotten used to working from home and the flexibility of that, there will certainly be a time of transition between full-time working from home and working, in part, in both locations. Here are some questions you can ask yourself and your team to figure out to make the transition of working from home, to having a flexible workforce:

  • What team members are going to need more flexibility than others?
  • Are there team members who have been more efficient at home, rather than in the office?
  • Did we have work from home procedures already in place?
  • Are there any stipulations from the landlords of opening our workplace back up?
  • Do we have any software to help make the transition easier?

By starting with these questions, you’ll be able to flush out and develop your back to work strategy confidently.

What software can you incorporate to make things easier for your team?

Touching on a question from the previous point, do you have any software to help make the transition back into the office, or into having a mobile workforce easier? Since there will be more people in and out of the office, and there might not be set schedules, it would be prudent to invest in a desk booking or hotelling software. This will help manage your new remote workforce for days that they’re in the office. Not to mention it will make meeting room booking easier and help streamline processes.

We say invest because software like this can come with a price tag. With that said, it will save you time liaising with your team, and figuring out who is in the office and it will help manage contact tracing, which will be essential in keeping your employees and their families safe. Software like TableAir is excellent for this, as it has all these functionalities, and you can book everything right from your smartphone.


How can you practice contact tracing?

Since you’re going to have folks in and out of your office during a global pandemic, safety should be your paramount priority. The best way to focus on the safety of your employees, is to develop a solid contact tracing program. That way, if someone contracts COVID-19, you’ll be able to track anyone who has sat at their desk, or had contact with them and ensure everyone involved follows the correct isolation protocols and you don’t endanger any other of your employees.

Whether you’re aiming to get folks back in the office within the next few weeks, or next few months, take care to consider all of these things when you’re planning your back to work strategy. Your bottom line will thank you for it, and most importantly, so will your employees.

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