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Outlook Room and Desk Booking Solutions

Revolutionize your workplace productivity with our array of Microsoft Outlook room and outlook booking solutions. By working with Fleximation Systems, you’ll have access to our full range of consulting and implementation services when you install our software.

Thanks to our years of experience, and strong relationships with our suppliers, you’ll join the leagues of happy customers who have improved and streamlined the booking process of their conference rooms and workspaces.

Here’s how we’ll make your life a lot easier:

outlook room and desk booking
outlook room and desk booking
outlook room and desk booking
outlook room and desk booking
Resource Central allows your employees to simplify the Outlook room booking process, which includes ordering ancillary services like catering, seating plans, and more! By using Resource Central, it will allow your employees to make the most of their out of booking rooms and meetings, rather than always talking to the office manager or events team, which boosts productivity for everyone involved.
When using our Microsoft Outlook room and desk booking software, you’re able to see which resources are available and book them on the spot. Even better, you can book them on Outlook, a mobile device, a kiosk, or even a digital sign! Simplifying the hot desk, conference room and service booking for everyone, from the intern to the Executive Assistant to the CEO.
Optimizing your workspaces and the resources within is increasingly relevant, especially with remote workers becoming the norm in large organizations. By using our Resource Central software with the revolutionary Qubi 3, you can eliminate “meeting room no shows”, and stop ghost meetings all at once. Allowing for more efficient uses of your resources, as well as reducing your costs.
If you’re simplifying every other part of the meeting room booking process, why not simplify the check-in and check-out process, as well? By using our Aura digital signage solution, your employees can check in and out of meetings using their RFID cards. Meaning, if a user hasn’t checked into a room or workspace they booked for a specific period of time, it will automatically open that space up to be re-booked. Making resource and employee management run smoother and more effectively.

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