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Mobile Device Room and Desk Booking

Mobile device room and desk booking functionality for your staff is now becoming imperative for all organizations. As organizations continue to hire new and younger staff, and most these new staff members use their mobile devices for almost everything. When they are in the office, it  is only natural that they want all business apps they use for the day to day tasks, to be mobile accessible. If an organizations wishes to implement a resource and workplace management solution, it must have mobile room and desk booking functionality.

To address these requirements, Flexnet offers two mobile device room and desk booking options. You can access our mobile device room and desk booking functionality within outlook with Resource Centrals resource booking app.

It offers you the following capabilities:

  • access to your outlook calendar to book a meeting or any ancillary service via smartphone, tablets and other mobile devices
  • easily viewing of  your  attendees calendar so that you can book them for your meeting
  • you can choose a date and time  recurrence
  • Search for available rooms
  • and much more….

Alternatively, you can access ResourceXpress’s on-demand mobile device room and desk booking app to easily access to its on- demand room and desk booking functionality:  ResourceXpress offers the following features:

ResourceXpress includes a powerful user interface, where the additional find free rooms and free desks option gives your users an easy way to search, book resources check-in and check-out of all resources via your desktop or mobile device. It also includes the ability to search for start time, duration, occupancy etc. Additionally, each room or desk has a new Info screen which provides resource details (including occupancy capacity). It also includes reporting where you can flag faulty equipment and display a picture which can be used for way-finding. The kiosk interface is also mobile friendly, so can be viewed on most smartphones or tablets via a web browser.

Mobile Device Room and Desk Booking
Mobile Device Room and Desk Booking
Mobile Device Room and Desk Booking

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Mobile Device Room and Desk Booking

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