The Changing Workplace

Millennials are changing the workplace!

It has been said that the Baby Boomer generation affected many changes in our business lives, Millennials are changing the workplace also! They are driving even more dynamic changes within the office environment. For example, one of the most important objectives is their desire to have flexible work schedules, so they can have more of a work-life balance. According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), research shows that work-life balance for Millennials is one of their more important issues. When HR professionals were surveyed, 41 % said that this shift is a moderate to large concern for mid to large organizations as Millennials are most likely to give up a promotion, relocate, reduce their pay or even change jobs in return for having flexibility in their work. 

To address flexible work schedules, employers need to offer their staff members more advanced technologies that will foster improved collaboration, productivity and efficiencies for all staff members. In particular, they want tools to help them spend less time performing administrative functions so they can focus more of their time on major tasks. For example, staff members who either work remotely or are in the office and need to reserve workspaces or a conference room, they want solutions that will allow them to book these workspaces or conference rooms with associated services quickly and easily.  By reducing the daily administrative workload, they can concentrate more of their time on their core objectives, which equals to the most productivity while in the office. So, at the end of the day, if they are more productive, feel more in control of their work life, and this important group achieves an improved work-life balance. 

millennials are changing the workplace

Resource Central and ResourceXpress offers flexible workspace booking solutions are fully integrated with Outlook/exchange. They provides users with the ability to book workspaces and conference rooms, in-advance or on the fly. To see further information about our flexible workspace automation solutions, please go to our web site at or click on the following links to see advance booking and on-demand booking through Outlook and Exchange.

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Millennials are changing the workplace!

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