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Managing Flexible Workspaces

Managing Flexible Workspaces with Qubi, Your Desk and Room Booking Assistant.


Managing flexible workspaces is easily accomplished by using Qubi. It is an inexpensive, environmentally friendly (uses 80% less energy than traditional touch screens). It is also an astatically pleasing workplace management solution. You can place a Qubi on any workspace, hoteling or hotdesking station or meeting room. Its small footprint (3” square) is designed to clearly indicate (360 ̊ visibility) the status of the resources availability by using colored LED’s. For example,

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“Green” indicates that the resource is available for use.

“Red” is a booked resource.
“Amber” reflects the resource as being booked, but the meeting organizer has not yet checked in.

Qubi offers immediate check-in and check-out capabilities, by allowing users to simply tap in with their RFID card. This allows the user to immediate book the available resource they want to use. It also helps eliminate meeting “No-Shows” by automatically freeing up the workspace, if the user hasn’t check in within a prescribed period of time.

When a meeting is close to ending, Qubi shines a low intensity “pulsing red”, gently notifying the users to extend or conclude their meeting. This helps organizers keep their meetings on track and preventing meeting overruns and eating into the next occupant’s time slot.  Qubi is also very helpful when external meeting room screens are not visible.

QUBI also works with a wide range of platform independent or dependent booking solutions, like Outlook/Exchange, Office 365, Lotus Notes, Google Calendars.

Whether you wish to perform in-advance or on-demand outlook room booking or managing flexible workspaces, QUBI is a great low-cost alternative. With Qubi’s RFID card access, it delivers easy to use on-demand booking of workspaces. It offers organizations lower running cost more than the traditional meeting room touch screens. QUBI also supports POE and wireless and can be powered by USB or via an external power supply adapter.

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