Hoteling verses Hot-Desking - When should you use them?

Hoteling verse Hot-desking. What are They?

There is sometimes confusion between Hoteling verse Hot-desking. Hoteling stations are bookable workstations for staff members who need to reserve a workstation when they are in the office. A Hot-Desking station is a workstation that is allocated on a first come first server basis.

Some of the benefits for Hoteling verse Hot-desking:

Hoteling Stations (Bookable Workstations):

  • Allows the user to pre-arrange a workspace prior to being in the office and avoid conflict with other staff members
  • An organization can closely monitor the occupancy of these workspaces and by whom. So, as the utilization of these Hoteling  workspaces increase, it allows the organization to plan ahead and increase or decrease the number of workspaces.
  • Can reduce the cost of corporate real estate

Hot-Desking (Available on a first come first served basis)

  • The cost of monitoring and booking technology requirements is limited and is in some cases not necessary, thus reducing the costs to manage hot-desks.
  • Very little management is required to manage these non-bookable workstations, it is up to each staff member to respectfully adhere to the corporate Hot-Desking guidelines set out by the organization.
  • Can reduce the cost of corporate real estate.

When should you use Hoteling verse Hot-desking?

Hoteling is generally used by staff members, who are frequent travelers or by organizations that have a large portion of their staff working remotely. This mobile workforce needs to pre-book a workspace. Hot-desking, works well for employees who have more flexible schedules. They are not always working in the office at the same time or even on the same shift.  As is the case of health care providers, working on various shifts and don’t need to pre-book a workspace.

Both methods are being used in today’s workplaces. The method selected is dictated by whether the workforce requires pre-booking of workspaces in order to accomplish their tasks. It sometimes comes down to economics, i.e. which is the most cost effective?

Hoteling verse Hot-desking

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Hoteling verses Hot-Desking

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