Hoteling and Hot Desk Management

Hoteling and hot desk management solutions are constantly being talked about.  But are they really helping the environment and reducing your organizations carbon foot print? Simply put “Yes!” Although it is sometimes hard to accurately measure, that the hot desk and hoteling solution do accomplish these goals. Furthermore, it offers your staff and your organization other tangible benefits as well.  Let me explain how:

It offers your staff

  1. More control of their work environment
  2. Allows flexibility in work schedules, allowing for a more balanced work/personal life.
  3. It reduces office real estate and thus reduces costs for your organization and more…

The benefits stated above are just some of the things that add value to the work environment you offer your staff. Less obvious, but just as tangible in the long term are the environmental benefits. By deploying and using hoteling and hot desk management solutions effectively, the following will help the environment and reduce direct operating costs:

  1. Reduced energy costs (lighting, power for electronics and heating) due to less space required to operate the business.
  2. Reduced maintenance costs for cleaning carpets, walls, ventilation systems and etc, to name a few
  3. Since less space is required to operate the business, reduced building materials are required, directly translating into less energy required to produce these materials and furnishings
  4. Reduced pollution as a result of less staff having to drive back and forth to the office on a daily basis
  5. Reduced traffic congestion, as a result of less vehicles on the road.

As you can see, there are direct benefits for the employees, organizations and the environment. So deploying and effectively utilizing hoteling and hot desk management solutions in your workspace environment, they can help in a lot of ways.


Hoteling and hot desk Management

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Hoteling and Hot desk Management Solutions

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