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Introducing your new favorite hot desk booking software: TableAir!

Meet your new best friend, TableAir. An industry leading hot desk booking software that will help you bring your workforce back to the office safely, and meet any of your other desk and room booking needs.

Take a look at all of it’s incredible features:

  • Physical and social distancing choices that comply with COVID-19 restrictions
  • Robust sanitation and cleaning options to ensure the hotdesks are clean and safe for use for every employee
  • Contact tracing in the event staff members are exposed to COVID-19
  • Integration with most workplace operating systems, like Microsoft Office 365, Outlook and Google
  • QR code booking options to quickly find and book a desk
  • Sensors for improved analytics that keep you up to date on everything happening with any of your remote desks
  • Smart workspace app for your employees to use on their phones to book hot desks and conference rooms when traveling.
  • Remote working module to assist staff members with determining who is where and available when.
hot desk booking software

Hot desk booking:

To actually book a hot desk, it’s rather simple. All you need to do is click on the hot desk you want to use. Then, select the date and time you want to book it for, confirm it and you’re done. It’s easy as that!

So to make it even easier for you, you can also see your room and desk booking in Microsoft Office 365 and Google calendars. Total accessiblity across different operating systems.

Hot desk booking software

Mobile device access:

For folks in your workforce who travel often, or aren’t in the office on a regular basis, they’ll definitely appreciate mobile device access in this hot desk booking software!

TableAir’s mobile app allows users to easily access to hot desk and room booking.  In addition, you can select the scan the QR code on the hot desk with your mobile device and the TableAir QR code booking software will do the rest. This is particularly great if you have a lot of millennials, or even Gen Zers in your workforce.

QR code desk booking

How does TableAir let my employees practice physical and social distancing?

With the easy to use physical or social distancing options, your employees can:
• Select and book any available desk
• Control and manage the physical or social distance between desks (if they want to book a desk 12 ft. away from the next person, they’re more than able to!)
• You’re able to limit the number of desk that are available in any particular area, helping keep your employees safe.

Can TableAir offer contact tracing function with its hot desk booking software?

TableAir keeps records of who has sat in which desk areas, so should an employee have a confirmed case of COVID-19  you’ll be able to track who else sat at that desk. And from there, implement any protocols that your workplace has set up to ensure the safety of everyone else. Please see the CDC’s recommendation for infrastructure for workplaces where employees have confirmed cases of COVID-19.


Hot Desk Booking Software

Robust sanitation and cleaning options:

This software provides a sanitation option as part of its product suite, specifically designed for COVID-19. Once a hot desk booking is finished and the employee has vacated the desk, the desk is marked no longer available and no one else can book it.

Facilities, cleaning staff or internal staff must complete a thorough cleaning of the desk before it is marked available for the next booking.

Hot desk booking software -Sanitization and Cleaning Module

Remote working:

Considering most of your employees are either still working remotely full-time, or working remotely part-time, you’ll want to know what hours they’ll be “in the office” (whether that means literally, or figuratively).

By using TableAir’s remote working module, you can quickly determine if they’re working from home, or at the office and what time they are available, simply by clicking on the remote working venue. No need for your to learn any complicated software or code. We make it super easy for you!

Remote Working

If you think TableAir will make a great addition to your workplace, please fill in form below and the appropriate links about your hot desk booking software demo will be sent to you.

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