Flexible Workspace

Flexible Workspace -What are they and how do they deliver value?

As we all know, the workplace is changing rapidly and flexible workspace environments are now becoming one of the pre-requisites for the younger workforce to consider joining a particular organization.

What are flexible workspaces?  The definition which best fits what it is, is as follows:  An organization which has a flexible workspace environment, is an office which is furnished and includes meeting rooms, virtual meeting rooms, private and open workspaces, hoteling or hot desking facilities. They are equipped with video conferencing equipment, WiFi, in house and remote Internet access and telephone access and charging stations for portable devices.  All of these technologies help improve productivity and foster a more positive work environment.

In order for organizations to adopt a flexible workspace environment, they need to understand and quantify how they can deliver value for their organization.  I wrote a previous blog post about what the millennials are looking for within their work environment.

They want:

  • To use green technology solutions to assist with their work processes.
  • Opportunities which offer them challenges
  • To work in collaborative environments verse competitive work environments
  • flexible workspace environments and schedules
  • an organization which is using current technology to allow them to embrace technology to its fullest extent
  • access to real time information for efficient decision making
  • a work life balance so they can be as efficient as possible while at work and provide easy access to their work environments while they are off site or working from home.
Flexible Workspace

By offering flexible workspace environments, the value it delivers is direct and immediate. It conveys a message to present and future employees that their organizations culture is progressive.  This assists in retaining existing employees and helps with recruiting new highly skilled talent. Additionally, it improves moral and leads to higher productivity.  Lastly, it will help improve customer retention. As the saying goes “you only have one chance to make a first impression”.

Resource Central and ResourceXpress offers flexible workspace solutions which are fully integrated with Outlook/exchange and provides users with the ability to book workspaces and conference rooms, in-advance or on the fly. To see further information about our flexible workspace automation solutions, please go to our web site at www.flexnet.com or click on the following links to see advance booking and on-demand booking through Outlook and Exchange.

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Flexible Workspace


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