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Eliminate Meeting Room No Shows!

Qubi 3 " Eliminates Meeting Room No Shows".

Discover how our easy to use solutions can help you “Eliminate Meeting Room No Shows”

Finding a solution to “eliminate meeting room no shows” is becoming an important mandate for most organizations IT departments. They exist because resources are not canceled when they are no longer needed. Qubi 3 is designed to “eliminate meeting room no shows”. If the organizer of a room doesn’t check-in within a defined period,  a no-show auto-cancellation process is initiated, which automatically frees up the workspace for others to use.

eliminate meeting room no shows

Interactive digital signage, also helps to eliminate meeting room no shows. These devices allow users to use their RFID security cards to manually or automatically check-in, instant booking, auto-extending a meeting reservation.

eliminate meeting room no shows

Visibility status – Green indicates that the room is available


eliminate meeting room no shows

Red LED’s illuminate as the room is booked.

eliminate meeting room no shows

Easily mounted vertically or horizontally on desks, partitions, solid or glass walls

as a result, clear 360˚ visibility of status

eliminate meeting room no shows

Reservation ending indication helps to ensure reservations finish on time – no overrunning and wasted time for the next users.

eliminate meeting room no shows

Qubi 3 and Digital Signage offers:

  • Lower cost alternative to traditional meeting room touch screens
  • Low power consumption delivers lower running costs
  • 5 way cable exit options when trying to conceal the of power cables when mounting
  • Standard Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Qubi3 connects via a ResourceXpress server to MS Outlook/Exchange, IBM (Lotus) Notes, G-Suite Calendar and other supported booking systems.

Once Qubi3 has reserved your workspace, it’s a snap to book a meeting or ancillary services like catering, seating plans, via Resource Central. Or when booking a video conference via Skype for Business or an external video conferencing solution.


Use Qubi 3 to Help “Eliminate Meeting Room No Shows”

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