Technology Solutions Required for a Distributed Workforce

What is it?  The Distributed Workforce is the ever growing group of employees who work from their home, from another type of remote office and/or, occasionally in a traditional office environment. There are specific technology demands to encourage this Distributed Workforce to be productive and have the ability to easily communicate with their customers, peers and superiors.

Since the majority of the Distributed Workforce operate remotely and are only occasionally in their corporate office, it is essential that they be as productive as possible while there. To that end, it is important that certain tools be in place to allow the staff be as productive as possible during their office time.


Some of the excellent tools available from Fleximation Systems Inc. include:

Skype for Business, which allows quick and easy internal and external communications.

Office 365, for access to email from anywhere.

Polycom Video Conferencing for easy access to business social media platforms like Yammer.

Resource Central and ResourceXpress for workspace management solutions to reserve a conference room or a hotdesk while at the office.

 Why is this so important? First off, it reduces staff frustration. Secondly, it allows organizations to attract, cultivate and retain top notch talent from anywhere in the world. Thirdly, it improves workforce morale. Most of the employees working for firms that have implemented these types of solutions view these tools as benefits and choose to work for companies that adopt them, verses those that don’t. These tools assist the Distributed Workforce by offering the opportunity to create their own flexible work schedules, so that they are more in control of their personal and professional lives. 

At the end of the day, it improves their quality of life. 

Distributed Workforce

See how Resource Central and ResourceXpress offers organizations with a distributed workforce flexible workspace booking solution and a solid resource scheduling platform which is fully integrated with Outlook/Exchange. Please go to our web site at or click on the following links to see advanced room and hotdesk booking and on-demand booking through Outlook and Exchange.

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Distributed Workforce