Desk Booking for Remote Workers

Desk Booking and Hoteling

Whether you’re a part of a large or small organization, room booking and desk hoteling are becoming more popular thanks to the rise of remote workers. Thanks to the development of desk hoteling, when one of your employees knows they’re going to be in the office on a certain day, they’re able to book a workspace in advance through Microsoft Outlook, or on cell phone.

Better yet, maybe you have employees who are already in the office and they realize they need a hotdesk or hoteling station to make a few calls or write a specific report. To keep up with the demands of your employees, you need an on-demand desk booking and hoteling solution for them.

Here at Fleximation Systems we have several best in class options for you to choose from that will benefit both you and your employees.


Resource Central

One of our popular modules is Resource Central. This software powerhouse allows you to book any workstation, hotdesk or meeting through Microsoft Outlook. Simply open up Outlook, select the Resource Finder button on your toolbar, and book whichever hotdesk or hoteling station best suits your needs.

Resource Central makes hotdesk booking quick, and easy for any of your employees, remote, or otherwise.





Desk Booking and Hoteling


Our second software module is ResourceXpress. It is designed to share the availability of your workstations and meeting rooms through an electronic floor map. When searching for an open workspace, you will see all of the available workstations (either hotdesks or meeting rooms) as icons on your floor. A red icon indicates the workspace is booked, whereas a green icon means a workspace is available. Once you pick a workspace that you like, you simply tap on the specific resource icon you’d like to book and reserve it.

ResourceXpress takes the mess and confusion out of desk booking and hoteling, making your employees more productive in the long run.

Desk Booking and Hoteling

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