How To Create a Responsive and Automated Workplace using Smart Workspace Scheduling Software

Are you looking to automate your already busy workplace?

Are your superiors pushing you to find ways to cut costs?

Do you want to invest in the wellness of your employees?

Let us introduce you to TableAir.

Your automated, fully integrated solution to a fluid and remote workforce. Your all-in-one smart workspace scheduling software.

We’re helping you to create a more agile, engaging and healthy workspace. That means that you’re contributing to the UN Sustainable Development goals, specifically, goal nine.

While we have other products that make meeting room booking easy, TableAir is a great addition to any resource management package, because it’s easy to use and accessible for all operating systems! If your workspace uses a Mac OS, Linux or a combination including Microsoft Outlook & O365, this is the product for you.

Essentially, if you’re looking for a top-notch workspace scheduling software that does it all, and is fully automated, TableAir is exactly what you’re looking for.


What makes TableAir a must-have in a busy workplace with lots of remote workers?



It has a huge impact on employee wellness
Smart workspace scheduling software TableAir Fleximation SystemsBy giving your employees the opportunity to choose when and where they work, their productivity and loyalty goes through the roof. TableAir can be used in any workspace, and if you have multiple office locations, employees can book hot desks in different locations, on different days depending on their needs.

TableAir also has sit-stand desks, and reminder programs! You’ve probably already heard about the benefits of sit-stand desks and how they help make a workplace more active and productive. Our sit-stand reminders in our system helps employees move around during the day without sacrificing productivity. In fact, these reminders can help make employees more productive.

By empowering your employees and giving them control over their workspace, they’ll be happier and more excited to come into work, which often translates to higher productivity, and who doesn’t want that.

Fully automated, integrated and customizable
Desk Booking Workspace SoftwareWith the use of our auto-room booking and auto release, you don’t need to worry about anyone manually logging and sorting through bookings and releasing rooms. All your employees need are their RFIDs cards, and their movement, our system will do the rest!

Depending on your budget, you can start with the basics! Begin with making your workspace and resources shareable from any operating system, work your way up to a full software and hardware rollout. From self-serve desks (that have a sensor that updates the desk availability based on the occupancy) to ergonomics and gamification we have plenty of ways to engage your employees to be more active.

TableAir can stand alone or complement your existing resource management solutions, making your workplace even more efficient, productive and enjoyable than before.

You can access in-depth reporting and analytics
Desk Booking Smart Workplace SoftwareWhether you’re an office manager or a remote employee the TableAir analytics are a game changer.

For employees, you can use a beautiful, clean, accessible map that allows you to book any meeting room, hot desk or resource available, across different office locations. You can also find where colleagues are working, if the specific meeting room you want is booked and the system is personalized to your unique experience as an employee.

For office managers, you have full access to physical workspace occupancy across your workspace, as well as sit-stand usage statistics. You can see if there are places where employees favor working over other place, and you’ll have immediate knowledge to help the janitorial staff keep things clean and tidy.

Overall, TableAir helps both employees and office managers keep a workspace moving well and flowing efficiently, whether folks are in the office or not.

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