Resource and Workspace Management Implementation Services

When tasked with an implementation of a Resource or Workspace management solution, this can be a daunting assignment. Fleximation Systems Inc., along with its Partners offer various implementation packages that combine our Vendors products and our management services to help address your specific implementation needs.

Fleximation Systems Inc. services fall into three categories:

1) Professional Services to assist with the implementation of your resource management project

2) Customization Services to develop specific enhancements to our products to address your business requirements

3) Migration Services to assist you with migrating your existing resource management platform to our resource or workspace management solution.


Whether it’s through product, professional or our vendors services team or the introduction of our vendors hosted information management platform, we continue to improve our services to adapt to the needs of our industry. In an information age that requires companies to get the most from their technology and service providers, Fleximation and its vendors are able to deliver a complete solution.

Our vendors products are designed for ease of use, but messaging environments are inherently complex. We have a professional services team which can help fast track your project by providing expert level implementation services. Save time and resources by allowing our team to assist you in any key areas.


By letting our training team put together a training program for your staff is a great way to maximize your investment. Our training programs will acquaint your team with the full range of features that each of our products offer.


Our Consulting services teams have a great  wealth of knowledge and experience covering the many challenges you face on a daily basis. Our consultants can help develop and implement policies, provide the additional manpower needed to assist with your resource or workspace management solution.


We are able to quickly and efficiently customize the products we sell to address your  specific business requirements. In some cases this means adding a feature to a product that is triggered by a customer-specific scenario, in other situations it may require developing a standalone application that supplements an existing product.


You’ve decided to migrate but now you have to support the transformation. We can customize a migration solution using  proven technology to assist with the migration of your existing meetings to our resource or workspace platform. This best practices approach, delivered in coordination with our strategic partners, is derived from more than 30 years of experience in managing the world’s most complex and multifaceted migrations.

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