Fleximation Systems was founded before the internet was born! As a reseller, we’ve been around since the inception of many staple business products on the market today. We now focus on bringing you the best resource and workspace management software tools, despite our humble beginnings in the hardware business. This includes Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams productivity and communications solutions for your employees.  

With over 30 years of experience, our team knows software inside and out. We look for best of breed 3rd party software tools to help simplify your workspace. We also look for top-notch customer service to help you deal with any problems quickly and efficiently. Our experience allows us to provide quick recommendations that fit your unique requirements and budget.


Why you need Fleximation Systems

Many of our customers purchased workspace management software from other companies and were promised the world. When it didn’t work out, they came to us. Why? They know that we provide best of breed 3rd party software products with top-notch customer service.

When you work with Fleximation Systems, you’re getting our experience, our knowledge and our passion. We work to provide you with the best workspace management software and solutions there are to offer. With over 30 years of experience, we always provide the right software that simplifies and maximizes efficiency within your workplace.

To eliminate meeting room no-shows, we have interactive digital signage to help free up meeting room spaces. This helps avoid employee frustration with ghost meetings.

If you have remote workers coming into the office regularly, but they don’t have a regular desk, don’t worry. We have desk booking software and hardware to help your employees maximize their efficiency. It ensures your employees sit at a desk and work there, rather than dropping their stuff off and leaving it there for hours on end.

Looking to manage and monitor your IT infrastructure? We have solutions which provide better back-end reporting and monitoring within Microsoft Outlook, Exchange, Office365, Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business environments.

See any solutions that would work for you? Or have you been referred to us for a specific product? We’re always happy to help! Give us a call 905-267-3479 or email sales@flexnet.com so we can find a custom solution for you.