Meeting Room Booking & Workspace Scheduling

We make Meeting Room Booking real easy!

What we do.

Fleximation Systems Inc. offers best of breed meeting room booking solutions which improves user’s efficiencies and productivity. Our software enhances and optimizes the booking process of conference rooms and workspaces. In addition, they improve Skype for Business call handling and productivity and allow your users to book additional services for their conference rooms. With our wide portfolio of products, we are uniquely positioned to offer a full suite of products which leverage your existing Outlook/Exchange, O365, Teams and Skype for Business platforms, all from a single vendor.

What can these products do for you?

Fleximation’s Meeting Room Booking product suite improves and optimizes your user’s productivity and booking experience of conference rooms, workspaces, video conferencing or Skype for Business meetings. All of our solutions integrate with either Microsoft Outlook, Exchange, O365, Teams or the Skype for Business platforms.

Once you have reserved your workspace, experience enhanced meeting communications with the use of our 3rd party Microsoft Skype for Business solutions. These products deliver exceptional customer calling experience, single one touch conference calling and multi platform interoperability and much more….

Flexnet’s management and monitoring platform from Enow helps your IT group manage your IT infrastructure which supports your conference room and workspace booking processes, through better reporting and monitoring of Outlook, Exchange, Office365 and Skype for business environments.

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