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Resource and Workspace Reporting

Resource and workspace reporting and advanced analytics are important components of any resource or workspace management solution. They allow you to analyze your resource and workspace utilization, meeting no shows, equipment failures per room and if catering is involved, report on your food consumption per room. They can assist you in determining how your current resource and workspaces are being used today and give you the information you need to optimize your workspaces  and help you plan for future resource, workspace and catering requirements. All of these options and more are available from Resource Central and ResourceXpress’s resource and workspace reporting modules.

By using Resource Central resource and workspace advanced reporting option, this module gives you access to a number of preconfigured out of the box reports. They will help you manage your resources and workspaces, along with reporting on any ancillary services being ordered when you are booking a conference room or workspace.  Some of the reports included are:

  • Catering
  • Room and resource utilization
  • Extra Services ordered

These reports are all available through Resource Central’s service provider interface and if you need any specific reports, they can easily be created through SQL reporting or we can create them for you for a nominal cost. Additionally, you can export the data to an excel spread sheet for further analysis.


Resource and Workspace Reporting

ResourceXpress also offers extensive resource and workspace reporting capabilities as well. With its export data feature, resource and workspace reporting feature allows you to easily export and view how your workspace and resources are being utilized and offers help desk logging for room equipment issues. With this information you can generate reports and creating graphs which allow you to answer questions like:

  • Which rooms and workspaces are being over or under used?
  • Are your late cancellations preventing efficient meeting room usage?
  • How many weekly “No shows” ?
  • Would it make more sense to convert meeting rooms into useable office space?
  • Is it time to replace older room equipment?
  • How many room equipment failures are occurring?

These are some examples of what ResourceXpress’s resource and workspace reporting features can provide to you so that you can manage you resources and workspaces more efficiently.

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Resource and Workspace Reporting

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