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e-Discovery | PST Search Software

Multiple e-discovery | PST search requests are common when an organization is involved in any legal proceedings. This is particularly true if you are a local or state/provincial or federal government department or agency needing to comply with Freedom of Information Act requests. These requests can be very challenging and extremely time consuming and affect your team’s effectiveness and productivity.

Discovery Attender software is an e-discovery utility which is designed to automate the search and collection of electronically stored information across a variety of platforms. It can perform email discovery searches within Exchange mailboxes, PST Files, Office 365 mailboxes, Lotus Notes, SharePoint Files and common files storage locations. Its e discovery and PST search capabilities also includes dynamic keyword searches of email files and can quickly find the relevant information which maybe hidden in amongst millions of other messages.

Discovery Attender’s e-discovery | PST search capabilities also include:e-Discovery

  • Intuitive interface for setup, search, monitoring and review
  • Highly defensible with robust audit trail logging and chain of custody
  • Customizable e-discovery search criteria include: keywords, addresses, dates, file type and more
  • Expansive Keyword conditions including proximity, multi-word phrases, or Boolean with literal expressions, RegEx or wildcards
  • Custodian management options for effective organization
  • De-duplication of results based on custom values including MD5 hash
  • Extensive result management features including annotation, labels, marks, preview pane and conditional tagging
  • Views and filters by keyword, extension, domain, location, file type and more
  • Numerous options for export including PST, NSF, .EML, .MSG and Native Format with custom names and numbering
  • Summary and detailed reports including keyword snippets, metadata and statistics
  • PreSearch utility with exporting and converting features including Webmail (IMAP) and OST files
  • Fully accessible back-end databases for custom reporting
  • Portable projects for efficient organization of workload


See below for all of the e-discovery | PST search options available for Discovery Attender



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 e-discovery | PST Search Software