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Outlook Room Booking Made Easy

Our Outlook room booking software makes it easy to book in-advance a meeting room or hotdesk/ hoteling station and associated services, such as catering and seating arrangements, AV equipment and more…


Here is how our Outlook Room booking software can help. Suppose you have a morning and lunch meeting with your staff at your office next Tuesday and are hosting a few conference calls in the afternoon. You realize that you will need a meeting room and lunch delivered at noon for your meeting. Then in the afternoon, you need a desk to do some work and host the conference calls. By using our outlook meeting room booking software, you could simply select Resource Centrals Room finder from your outlook tool bar and find your meeting room by selecting the floor plan  image and selecting the room.  Once you have the room, order your catering for lunch and select an appropriate seating arrangement for your meeting.

  •     It seamlessly integrates with Outlook and Exchange(2010, 2013, 2016 and office 365)
  •     Handles the scheduling of all associated services for any outlook room booking
  •     It’s customizable to support existing company order forms
  •     Handles all changes/cancellations automatically
  •     Separate admin module for viewing reservations and orders
  •     Supports both internal and external ordering of services
  •     Complies with all of Exchange and Outlook permissions

After which, you can book your Hoteling/hotdesk station for your afternoon conference calls, all in a matter of a few minutes. Now  you don’t have to arrive early to find a vacant room, order food and find a workspace for you conference calls. Resource Central saves you time and reduces your stress levels. It allows you to focus on what you are going to talk about during your meeting.

Our room booking solution also provides an easy way to process any Outlook room booking request, by providing superior planning and organizing services through Outlook or your mobile device. Below are some additional features of Resource Centrals Outlook Room booking capabilities:

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