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Meeting Room Booking Made Easy With Resource Central!

Outlook Meeting Room Booking in Four Easy Steps!

To start, select “New Meeting” from your Outlook toolbar, choose our Outlook meeting room booking option by selecting “Resource Finder”.

How does Resource Central improve my outlook meeting room booking processes?

When there,
• select your location
• room type(conference, huddle, hot-desk or hoteling station)
• Size
• Time for the meeting.

By using Resource Centrals Outlook meeting room booking feature, you feel like you are using Outlook.

How easy is outlook meeting room booking with Resource Central?
Once finished, order you’re,
• catering,
• select the correct nutritional food information
• seating plans or
• IT services and more…..

Now save and close the order and the Outlook meeting room booking process is complete.

How do you optomize outlook meeting room booking with Resource Central
You will arrived back at a normal Outlook meeting room booking, allowing you to add any standard Outlook booking option.

For example, you can add,
• Attendees
• Skype for Business links
• Teams invites
• Go to Meeting requests
• Or video conference call

When you are finished, you hit send like a normal meeting invite. Exchange accepts the meeting invite, the services are booked and meeting organizers are notified and the invites are delivered to the users via outlook.

It’s as easy as that!


Is Resource Central and easy outlook meeting room booking solution?

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Outlook Meeting Room/Desk Booking Accessible via Floor plans on your Mobile Device

When traveling and you only have access to your office via your mobile device, Resource Central offers easily access to the booking of resources and services via its mobile app.

How easy is outlook meeting room booking via Resource Central Mobile Device
You can easily find and book rooms, desks & resources and eliminate “meeting room no shows” using ResourceXpress.

It includes:
• Displays real-time floor maps showing the status of any bookable workspace
• And much more….

Can outlook meeting room booking be done via a mible device

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