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AD Monitoring and Reporting of your Network

AD monitoring and reporting tools are often very hard to find. Compass is a new AD monitoring and reporting utility that combines all the key elements for Active Directory monitoring and reporting and delivers it into a single easy to use dashboard. It was developed by Active Directory Architects with real world experience managing and troubleshooting numerous enterprise environments.

Key benefits:

  • Easy to install and affordable
    • Compass is a cost effective solution which installs in minutes and starts reporting immediately
  • Improve system uptime
    • Real-time monitoring all of key components of Active Directory including domain controller, replication, DNS and other critical services.
  • Simplify troubleshooting AD
    • Compass provides an intuitive and easy to use dashboard that displays all vital components of Active Directory which enables administrator to quickly identify issues before they become outages.
  • Identify and resolve DNS issues
    • Active Directory depends on a functioning and correctly configured DNS. Compass automatically tests these components and helps you ensure that your DNS setup is correct.
  • Improve Security
    • Compass provides over 30 reports that enable Administrators to quickly audit AD resources to ensure that unnecessary IT staff do not have inappropriate rights. Replication monitoring helps detects if there is an issue stopping from security changes going into affect.

AD Monitoring | AD Reporting

AD Monitoring | AD Reporting

AD Monitoring and Reporting – Compass Data Sheet

Ad Monitoring and Reporting