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Room and Desk Booking on a Mobile Device

With the workforce getting younger, it’s imperative to have room and desk booking available for mobile devices. The younger an employee is, the more likely they will want mobile accessibility. So, if you’re looking for a resource and workspace management solution, you definitely want something with mobile device room and desk booking functionality. 

We offer two options here at Fleximation Systems:

Resource Central and Workspace App:

When using your mobile device, you can easily access Resource Central and its Workspace app  to easily book a room and desk booking. You can also

  • Access to your Microsoft Outlook Calendar
  • Boo a Desk or room booking from the workspace floor map, 
  • With Resouce Central, booking of conference rooms and request ancillary service on your desk top and mobile device is easy to do.
  • Track your attendees calendar’s so you can book them in your meeting
  • Choose the date, time and recurrence of meetings
  • Search for available meeting rooms
  • Quickly determine workspace availability by scanning a QR code and booking it.
  • Tightly integrates with Exchange/O365 and Outlook and Teams

Mobile Room and Desk Booking
mobile device room and desk booking


The powerful TableAir interface is available via their room and desk booking app, which includes: 

  • From a floor map you can see which desks or rooms are free and book them
  • You can easily see the start times, duration of meetings, occupation of rooms and much more! 
  • By using your phone and you can scan a QR code to determine its availability and book it on the spot.
  • When finished with the booking, you can check-in and out of desk or room you are using. 
  • Integrates with O365 and MS Outlook

The kiosk interface is mobile friendly, which means it’s accessible to all of your employees. 

If you’re in the market for on-demand mobile device room and desk booking solution, please book a demo with us and we can show you how else we can help you cater to every employee you have, at any age.

Mobile room and desk booking

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Mobile Device Room and Desk Booking

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