How to Manage Flexible Workspaces

Managing flexible workspaces, and remote working employees is easy when you have Qubi3, your desk and room-booking assistant.


Whether you’re looking to bring some calm to a chaotic workplace, or you have a lot of remote workers who come into the office occasionally, managing flexible workspaces is easy with Qubi3.


It’s an inexpensive and environmentally friendly resource that simplifies the lives of remote workers and in-office workers alike. It uses 80% less energy than traditional touchscreens, and it’s an aesthetically pleasing workspace management tool.


You can place a Qubi3 cube in any workspace, hoteling or hotdesking station, and you can even put them in meeting rooms! All you need is 3 inches of space available, and you’re all set. It’s designed to have 360 degree visibility so anyone can see the availability of the workspace, based on the colored LEDs.


Desk Booking and Hoteling Software
A Green Qubi3 means the resource is available.
Eliminate Meeting Room No Shows
A Red Qubi3 means the resource is booked and in use.
Qubi3 is a great tool for your company as it allows your employees to tap in to check in to a meeting, and tap out to check out of a meeting, all with their RFID card. By using this system, it allows users to book resources quickly, not to mention it will help eliminate meeting room no shows. It automatically opens the space up if a meeting organizer hasn’t checked within a pre-determined period of time. Talk about a time saver.

To help keep meetings on time, when a booking is almost over, the Qubi3 shines a low intensity pulsing red light. This lets the meeting attendees know their meeting room booking slot is almost over and they need to wrap everything up. Not only will this help your employees work more efficiently, but it’s a low cost way to keep everyone on time.

Qubi3 also works on various different platforms and booking solutions, so whether your office uses Microsoft or Apple products, we’ve got you covered.

Regardless if your company needs a better room booking solution, or if you’re looking for how to manage flexible workspaces, Qubi3 is a terrific low-cost option. With multiple benefits, like RFID card access, lower organizational costs, and various ways to power the Qubi3 system, both your employees, and your accountant will appreciate the new Qubi3 flexible workspace solution.

If you feel that the Qubi3 system would benefit your workspace, and you’d like to learn more, book a call with us! We’d love to set up a demo to better understand your needs and how we can help.


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