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SharePoint Provisioning and SharePoint Permissions Management

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Ensim’s SharePoint Manager Offers: 

SharePoint Provisioning and SharePoint Permissions Management 


Ensim SharePoint Manager now offers SharePoint Provisioning and SharePoint Permissions Management for any organization.

Microsoft SharePoint provides a powerful repository of company documents and data, however, it is difficult for a company to natively control every aspect of user access or insure security and compliance policies are being followed.  Ensim SharePoint Manager is a complete solution for automated provisioning, access management and policy enforcement that allow organizations to decrease operating costs and improve workforce effectiveness while meeting security and compliance goals.

Anyone in IT knows that managing SharePoint to meet security and compliance requirements is critical to its organization. To do this, you must eliminate ALL manual steps in  provisioning and updating user entitlements down to the level of individual SharePoint features. SharePoint Manager ensures that when sites are created by site administrators, business objectives and policy requirements are met throughout the site provisioning / de-provisioning and management processes. Ensim also connects to existing identity management solutions and policy engines.

Key features include: 

    • Automated Site Provisioning including site  and sub-sites collections
      • Centralize administration of SharePoint with chargeback mechanisms as required
    • Compliance Policy Enforcement
      • Enforces “conflict of interest” compliance requirements without requiring physically separate servers
    • SharePoint User Permissions Management
      • Managing user permissions on multiple SharePoint sites enables users to meet compliance goals by providing a complete picture of who has access to each area
    • SharePoint Group Management
      • Allows employees can add themselves to SharePoint groups on a self-service basis if permitted by IT policy
    • Real-time User and Resource Reporting
    • Business Process Automation
      • It can be configured to meet security and compliance policies without disrupting ongoing business processes
    • Simple to Install and Manage
      • Easily connects to existing infrastructures, including existing identity management solutions



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SharePoint Provisioning, SharePoint Permissions Management