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Exchange/Office 365 Distribution List Management

 Ensim Group Manager, Provides Exchange Distribution List Management,  

and Office 365 Distribution Group Management Functionality all in one Package 

Ensim Group Manager for Active Directory & Exchange automates and streamlines the provisioning and maintenance of security groups and Exchange distribution lists.  End users can be delegated rights to create, edit, delete, and manage their own groups via a self-service web portal while compliance to IT policy guidelines and business rules are automatically enforced.  Automated housekeeping and maintenance ensures that all group objects stay in order and any unused groups are appropriately archived or removed as defined by IT requirements.

Features and Benefits:

    • Self-Service Web Portal for Users & Administrators
    • Granular Role-based Rights Delegation for Security Groups and Exchange Distribution Lists
    • Multi-owner Group Management and Distributions Lists
    • Auto-populated and Dynamically Managed Groups and Distribution Lists
    • Group Life-cycle Management (w/Auto-expiration)
    • Built-in Approval Workflow and Notification
    • Multi-Domain Support
    • Subscription Groups and Exchange Distribution Lists(Opt-in / Opt-out)
    • Bulk Operations (Import / Export / Change)
    • Clone Groups and Email Distribution Lists
    • Automated Prefix Management
    • Management of Distribution Groups Hidden from GAL
    • Manage email Aliases and Delivery Restrictions
    • Group Size Limit and Control (w/Automatic Nesting)
    • Enforce Group Scope and Location
    • Quick and Easy Installation

In particular, Ensim’s self-service Exchange distribution list management and Office 365 distribution group management drastically reduces call volumes to your help desk, while ensuring that users are accurately, consistently, and automatically provisioned and de-provisioned in a synchronized manner—all with full reporting capabilities for compliance reviews.

Ensims Exchange distribution list management and office 365 distribution group management presents a serious challenge to your compliance requirements, to the security of your critical business information, and to the total cost of your help desk operations.  Ensim Unify’s Exchange Distribution Group Management software enables you to meet these challenges with a simple and powerful solution that installs in less than two hours.


Download an Exchange Distribution List Management/Office 365 Distribution Group Management Data Sheet


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Exchange/Office 365 Distribution List and Security Group Management