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Office 365 Monitoring, Reporting and Office 365 DL Management

Office 365 Monitoring, Reporting and PST to Office 365 Migration


Hybrid Exchange Office 365 Monitoring

Office 365 Migration | Office 365 Monitoring

Mailscape provides the ability to monitor all the key aspects of and office 365 migration project with hybrid deployments. It can provide office 365 Monitoring,  including Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS), directory synchronization services, the Exchange Online infrastructure, and even the network between you and the Office 365 cloud.

In addition to making it easier to monitor and troubleshoot these complex environments, you can now report on a variety of hybrid-related areas, including mailbox permissions, license and mobile device usage in the cloud and more….

PST to Office 365 Migration

Office 365 Migration | Office 365 Monitoring


Mail Attender offers email administrators a variety of email management options from,  outlook pst management to pst discovery or mailbox discovery, pst to office 365 migration and email content management for any Microsoft Exchange environment. It automatically manages the content of Microsoft Exchange mailboxes, provides email discovery to mailboxes, Outlook Personal Storage Folders (PST’s) and public folders.

Additionally, through it’s rules based wizard, administrators can develop custom rules which will give them the ability to detect and copy to a specific location, users PST’s (network or local), so that they can easily migrate this data to Exchange 2010 or PST to office 365 or email archiving solution or Google Apps and more….

Exchange/Office 365 DL Management Ensim Group Manager for Active Directory & Exchange, automates and streamlines the provisioning and maintenance of security groups and exchange/office 365 DL’s.  End users can be delegated rights to create, edit, delete, and manage their own groups via a self-service web portal while compliance to IT policy guidelines and business rules are automatically enforced.  Automated housekeeping and maintenance ensures that all group objects stay in order and any unused groups are appropriately archived or removed as defined by IT requirements and more….
PST Search | PST Elimination

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Office 365 Monitoring, Reporting and PST to Office 365 Migration