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Mobility Provisioning and Mobility Management

Ensim  Unify Offers Easy to Use Enterprise

Mobility Provisioning and Mobility

 Management Software

Mobility provision and mobility management is becoming a real challenge for IT administrators as a result of the significant increase in the number of user/employees devices brought in to their organization. The challenge of managing and supporting these mobile devices, especially BYOD mobile devices, is also increasing as these devices are gaining access to corporate data and expose potential security risks to the organization. So with the growing number of devices, how do you reduce the security risk?

Ensim Automation and mobility provisioning  suite service connectors allows you to safely and securely manage the widest variety of applications and the mobile devices accessing them, with a single web based console, while controlling the growing security risk the devices can represent. Ensims Unify Mobility provisioning software Manager you can quickly and easily manage your entire mobile access infrastructure—including your users’ various devices of choice.

Features & Benefits of the Ensim Mobility Provisioning Software:


Ensuring the Security of Sensitive Data

      • Ability to lock  and wipe the device over-the-air via text or push mail
      • Ability to remotely activate and update any device
      • Generate and set user activation passwords
      • Use mobile devices for password management

Lower IT Management Burden

      • Customizable mobility provisioning and de-provisioning policies
      • Automatically configure devices for company use
      • Receive alerts and notifications base on thresholds
      • Enable granular role-based delegated administration
      • It simplifies help desk expertise requirements
      • Enable user password reset and remote lock and wipe

Increase the Number of Supported Devices

      • iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile
      • You can manage any company owned or BYOD user device


Mobility Provisioning and Mobility Management

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Easy to Use Enterprise Mobility Provisioning and Mobility  Management Software