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Exchange User Provisioning, Exchange Management

Easy to Use Exchange User Provisioning

Ensim Exchange Manager


Ensim Exchange Manager provides exchange user provisioning and operations management automation, policy control, and orchestration of administrative, operational and self-service activities for Microsoft Exchange. Features include automated and template based organization and user mailbox creation and deletion, quota management, fine grain entitlement management, resource management with definable exchange user provisioning business logic to assign users and organizations to the selected exchange server, user self service and IT management via role-based delegated administration portals, granular access control, security and compliance policy enforcement, and an audit trail of all activities. Ensim enables complete automation and control of the entire messaging environment for service providers, enterprises, MSPs, and Telco’s.

Features and Benefits

    • Single / Multi-Tenant, Dedicated / Shared Environments
    • Microsoft Hosted Exchange and Hybrid Dedicated Support
    • Provisioning and De-Provisioning Automation
    • Granular Role Based Management and Delegation
    • Easy to use Web Portal for Self-Service and IT Admin Management
    • Exchange User Provisioning and De-Provisioning Policy Management
    • Hierarchical Resource Management with Physical and Logical Pools
    • Exchange Resource Forest and Linked Mailbox Support
    • Approval Workflow and Notifications
    • Distribution Group Management
    • Mobile Device Management for iPhone, Android, Windows, and Blackberry
    • Quick and Easy Installation



Exchange User Provisioning


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Exchange User Provisioning