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Lotus Notes Performance Monitoring With VitalSigns

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Lotus Notes Monitoring, Lotus Notes Performance Monitoring and BES Monitoring


VitalSigns™ is a Lotus Notes monitoring tool, which is specifically optimized for IBM/Domino environments, and constantly checks the status of every notes server performance or service your email users depend on.

It features comprehensive support for monitoring the performance of Lotus Domino servers and clusters, Lotus Notes Databases, Lotus Sametime Servers, BlackBerry Enterprise Servers, BlackBerry Users, BlackBerry Devices, standard Internet Mail Services such as POP3, IMAP, SMTP, and LDAP, (DNS Servers, other Network Devices, and URLs (for monitoring webmail or key URLs).

Top Three Benefits for Domino Administrators

1. Verifies that Domino servers will respond to Notes client requests (the most important thing that end users care about: is the server “alive”?)

2. Detects Pending and Dead Mail pileups by directly querying the files. This is the second-most important thing that end users care about: getting their mail. Now. (VitalSigns can also automatically delete dead mail, if desired.)

3. Verifies and manages Domino Server Tasks, including the ability to start missing tasks, stop prohibited tasks, detect task hangs, and even restart the server if key tasks are hung. The most important thing for administrators is availability. If the server is supposed to be hosting web applications and HTTP is hung, the server needs to be restarted as soon as possible.

Lotus Notes Performance Monitoring Features of VitalSigns:

  • Rich Notes Performance Monitoring Devise Support
    • All the devices that are key components of your email infrastructure can be monitored:
      • Lotus Domino Servers
      • Lotus Domino Tasks
      • Lotus Domino Servers
      • Lotus Domino server tasks
      • Lotus Domino Server Clusters
      • Notes Databases
      • NotesMail Probes and NotesMail Monitoring
      • Lotus Sametime Servers
      • BlackBerry Enterprise Servers
      • BlackBerry Users
      • BlackBerry Devices
      • Network Devices
      • URLs
      • POP3, SMTP, LDAP and IMAP Mail Services on any mail server, such as Exchange, SendMail, and IBM Lotus WorkPlace Messaging.
      • DNS Servers
  • Flexible Alerting
    • Alerts can be sent out via:
      • NotesMail (using redundant servers)
      • SMTP Mail
      • Pagers (using SNPP)
      • Management Reports and Graphs
  • Management Reports take the emotion out of the discussion “email is always down…” Ad Hoc Reports can be created on demand for any time period:
      • Daily Availability
      • Weekly Device Availability
      • Monthly Availability
      • Daily Mail Volume
      • Weekly Mail Volume
      • and more……
    • Scheduled Reports can be mailed to designated recipients daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
      • Daily Availability
      • Daily Mail Volume
      • Biggest Mail Files
      • and more…..
    • Graphs
      • Performance
      • Availability
      • Domino-Specific (User, Mail.Delivered, etc)
      • BES Specific (Messages_Sent, etc.)
      • and more…..
  • Unique Features
    • Universal Access
      • Get detailed status and reports via a browser
      • Check the status of your servers via any standard RSS/News Reader
    • False Alert Prevention
    • NotesMail File Management
    • Service Level Agreement Support
      • Tracks Overall Availability
      • Tracks Business Hours Availability
      • Tracks % of On Target Performance



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Lotus Notes Performance Monitoring

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Lotus Notes Monitoring, Lotus Notes Performance Monitoring and BES Monitoring