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Information Governance – Altitude IG

Altitude IG – Information Governance Software

Altitude IG, from Sherpa Software is an information governance solution which is policy driven software and can be configured to adhere to your current and future business processes and procedures. By using this innovative information governance solution, you can automate your compliance, legal, human resources, records management and IT practices and policies.  Altitude IG is available as a platform or independent modules and they are:

eDiscovery Module

In house eDiscovery teams can quickly and effectively conduct multiple eDiscovery searches and collect relevant information on multiple eDiscovery projects. Other features include:

  • Collaboration – role bases access for your eDiscovery team
  • Scalability -distributed processing to accommodate any case size
  • Legal Hold – from first notification to closing a matter, in a defensible, repeatable process
  • Search where ever it is located

Policy Management Module

You can apply policies uniformly across a wide variety of electronic content through an agent architecture. Other additional capabilities include:

  • Proactively manage content by having the ability to schedule policies to run at pre-determined intervals
  • By using Altitude IG’s workflow engine, you can easily implement corporate records management rules
  • It incorporates comprehensive logging which provides thorough audit trail of policy actions
  • It offers defensible deletion capabilities to get ride of outdated and non essential data

Information Governance | eDiscovery

YouTube Video of Altitude IG’s eDiscovery and Policy Management Capabilities


Reports and Analytics Modules

This module can automatically analyze the content within various sources for duplicate data and identify redundant, outdated or trivial information. Additional features within this module are:

  • “My Reports ” feature includes an a secure area where each user can store their own reports and with the “Sharing ” feature users can easily distribute a report to other team members
  • It offers the efficacy of policies via trend reports and graphically track content stats over time.


Information Governance

YouTube Video of Altitude IG’s Reporting and Analytics Features

Some of Altitude IG’s key differentiators are as follows:

  • It can connect to multiple data sources, including social business and mobile devices
  • Your data resides on premise, allowing you to manage it easily
  • It is easy to install and configure and you can customize user roles by department or job function
  • It offers standard reporting features along with mobile dashboards for your mobile users
  • It’s eDiscovery search and gathering features are based upon industry accepted practices and provides strong data inventorying capabilities
  • It offers Early Case Assessment (ECA) capabilites
  • Automatically Group and Classify Electronically Stored Information(ESI) via the CAAT “Machine Learning Engine”


Altitude IG’s real value is its ability to deliver standard information governance policies and procedures across a wide variety of content, including structured and unstructured data. By deploying Sherpa’s Altitude IG software, you will enable you teams to be more productive and they can:

  • Comply with and manage to corporate and or regulatory compliance standards
  • Determine if there are any gaps in business processes and procedures resulting in your organization to becoming non-compliance
  • Answer any eDiscovery requests and providing only the relevant data requested
  • Get an understanding of your user’s activities within your organizations social business, email and database platforms.


Information Governance

Sherpa Altitude IG – eDiscovery | Information Governance Software


eDiscovery | Information Governance Software

Sherpa Altitude IG – eDiscovery | Information Governance Software


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 Altitude IG – eDiscovery | Information Governance Software