Eliminate Meeting Room No Shows!

Fleximation Systems’ Qubi 3 helps you avoid ghost meetings!

Discover how our solutions help you streamline the booking of your meetings and workspaces, as well as boost efficiency.

When room calendars are filled with meetings, and no one shows up for them, your IT or Facilities department probably doesn’t like manually deleting each meeting that is missed throughout the day.

That’s why we brought the Qubi 3 into our product selection. They’re It’s designed to eliminate meeting room no shows.  If the organizer of a meeting doesn’t check-in within a certain timeframe, an automatic no-show cancellation process is initiated. This means, Qubi 3 automatically frees up the workspace for use.

eliminate meeting room no shows

Qubi 3’s interactive digital signage helps avoid ghost meetings, as well. The signage allows users to sign in using their RFID security cards, as well as instant-book a room or a workspace, or auto-extend a meeting reservation.

The color-coded visibility status makes it easy to tell if a room is in use.

eliminate meeting room no shows
Green indicates that the room is available.
eliminate meeting room no shows
Red means the room is booked and/or in use.
eliminate meeting room no shows
Qubi 3 is easily mounted vertically or horizontally on desks, partitions or on solid/glass walls. This allows for clear, 360 degrees visibility of the room or workspace availability.
eliminate meeting room no shows
The digital signage keeps your employees running on schedule, and it ensures meetings end on time. Meaning, no employees loitering in halls waiting for meetings rooms or hot desks to open up.
eliminate meeting room no shows
When you invest in Qubi 3 and Digital Signage, you get: 

  • A low cost alternative to traditional meeting room touch screens
  • A low power option, which means lower costs to run the meeting room
  • 5 cable output options, making it easier to conceal power cables when mounting
  • Standard Wi-fi connectivity
  • Integrations with Resource Xpress, allowing access to Microsoft Outlook and Exchange, Lotus Notes, the G-Suite Calendar and other supported booking systems

Once you’ve set Qubi 3 up in your workspace, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 to book a meeting, or ancillary services (ex. catering and seating plans), through Resource Central.  It’s also easy to book a videoconference through Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, or other videoconferencing solutions. 

If Qubi 3 sounds like the solution to eliminating your meeting room now shows, sign-up to below to book a demo with us! We’d be happy to walk you through the product in even more detail.

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