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Desk Booking and Hoteling

Desk Booking and Hoteling

Desk booking and hoteling is becoming very popular in today’s business environment. For example, when a user knows they are going to be in the office on a certain day, they want the ablilty to book in-advance through outlook or a mobile device  for a  workspace, quickly and easily. Or, when they are in the office and realize they need a hotdesk or hoteling station for making calls or writing a report, they need an on-demand desk booking and hoteling solution to co-ordinate a workstation for them to perform these tasks. Fleximation offers two excellent options to address these needs.


The first option is using our Resource Central module and it provides you with a desk booking and hoteling solution which allows you to book in-advance through Outlook, or a mobile device a workstation/hotdesk or meeting room. You simply go into Outlook and select resource finder (located on your Outlook tool bar) and select the hotdesk or hoteling station you wish to use and booking it. It only takes a few seconds to do.





Desk Booking and Hoteling

Our second option is our ResourceXpress module and provides you with on demand desking booking and hoteling functionality. It is designed to provide you with quick visibility status of your workstations or meeting rooms via an electronic floor map image of your office  along with the ability to book immediately any free workstation, hotdesk or meeting room. You can access it by going up to one of  your offices kiosks or meeting room screen and select the floor map option of your office or your mobile device. Once the image appears, you will see all the workstations/hotdesks or meeting rooms icons located on your floor and which ones are booked or available by the color of the icon. A red icon indicates booked and a green colored  icon denotes the resource is available.  Once you have decided on what you need, you simply tap on the selected workstation or meeting room icon you wish to reserve, indicate  the length of time you need it for, and reserve it. It is easy as that.

Desk Booking and Hoteling

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 Desk Booking and Hoteling

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