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On Demand Outlook Room Booking

Our on demand outlook room booking software (ResourceXpress) is an easy to use workspace management solution which helps you instantly find and book a meeting room, hot desk or hoteling station via Outlook, Kiosk or Mobile Device. Additionally, it includes simple graphical reporting capabilities and some of the reports that are available are “All Bookings, No Show Bookings and Pre-Booking Occupancy”.   The software is also designed to maximize your workspace, improve productivity and reduce your organizations real estate costs. It also assists in eliminating meeting room no-shows. The software leverages Microsoft Exchange or Office 365 and tightly integrates with Outlook.

This is how our on demand outlook booking software would work. For example,  you have a customer who arrives at your office unexpectedly wishing to discuss with you their next year’s project plan and you need a meeting room, pronto. You have a couple of options,  locate a kiosk nearest you, use your mobile device to find a meeting room or find a door sign outside one of your  meeting rooms and click on the floor plan image to search and find an available room.





You decide to use the kiosk, located a few steps away and tap on the  floor plan image, you see which rooms are booked (Red) or available (Green). You decide and select an available room(Green)  by tapping on the available room icon, and enter the length of time you wish to select, save and close, and you are done. Within seconds the room colour changes from green to red and the room is now yours for the length of time you have selected. Upon arrival, you check into the room, otherwise the system will automatically make it  available 10 minutes after your original check in time. This feature, eliminates meeting  “no shows”, by   automatically cancelling the meeting after a prescribed period of time, thus.



Our  on demand room Outlook booking software also allows you to collect and record data, which can provide you with utilization reports in graphical format. These reports will provide you with the necessary information you need to determine how the rooms are being used and how many now shows you are experiencing and much more.


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On Demand Outlook Room Booking

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