Exchange Room Booking and Outlook Room Scheduling

Exchange Room Booking  

and Outlook Room Scheduling Made Easy

Exchange Room Booking

Exchange Room Booking

Exchange room booking is simplified by using Resource Central.  It provides an easy way to process any Exchange room booking or Outlook Room scheduling request by providing planning and organizing services through Outlook. Additionally, it can also manage the requests for associated services, such as catering and seating arrangements, AV equipment and more….


  •     Exchange room booking is easy for all users through simplified processes
  •     It seamlessly integrates with Outlook and Exchange(2010, 2013, 2016 and office 365)
  •     Handles the scheduling of all associated services for meeting room booking or outlook room scheduling
  •     It’s customizable to support existing company order forms
  •     Handles all changes/cancellations automatically
  •     Separate admin module for viewing reservations and orders
  •     Supports both internal and external ordering of services
  •     Complies with all of Exchange and Outlook permissions



Exchange Room Booking

Exchange Room Booking datasheet

Integration with digital signs

Exchange Room Booking, Outlook Room Booking

Exchange Room Booking

Resource Central supports various solutions to display visitor information on digital signs and monitors including the support of Modulex signs. Through a simple selection in the Exchange room booking process, information is sent directly to the digital signs or monitors.

By entering your desired information in a simple field while scheduling a meeting, guests are provided with meeting information from the welcome screen in the reception area.

Guest ModuleExchange room booking

Resource Central’s guest module allowing users to:

  • Print name badges with an image and barcode
  • Scan and store photos for badges
  • Perform barcode scanning for easy registration of visitors

Hot-Desking and Hoteling

Exchange Room Booking

Exchange Room Booking and Hotdesking

Resource Central is an easy to use tool to assist your organization in the scheduling of workstations for knowledge workers who are only spending small amounts of time at the office.  Office hoteling or hot-desking,  offers organizations the ability to cut their overhead significantly while making it easier for employees to work flexibly.

Organizations interested in using their facilities more efficiently are turning to Resource Central to schedule their workspaces. Users are able to search and book available workspaces by category and location directly through Outlook  in advance or on demand. Administrators are able to track utilization of workspaces and export reports.


Exchange Room Booking

Exchange Booking Made Easy

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Exchange Room Booking and Outlook Room Scheduling Made Easy.