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Workspace Utilization


Flexnet’s Workspace Utilization Solution – Called “Activate”

Our “Activate”  workspace utilization solution is designed to assist organizations with building a case to support the use of Hoteling/hotdesking  so that they can realize cost savings through the reduction of workspace needed for their organization.

Flexnet’s “Activate” workspace utilization solution comprises of two options:

  • Occupation recording i.e. records when a user is sat at the desk or away from it.
  • Activity based recording solution which records the types of activity at the desk for example, routine works, focused work(do not disturb). collaboration with others, away for the desk but the desk is occupied(in a meeting) on the phone or the desk is available.

The first option offers desk occupancy where as the second option  delivers  activity based reporting.  We use a product workspace utilization called Qubi to deliver this functionality. Qubi delivers occupational recording by using either its manual check-in/check Qubi Lite (tilt actions) version or Qubi (RFID) for activity based reporting by using the new Qubi AIR Lite with a LED matrix display to offer a selection of activities via tilt switch the user can record their activities. LED display also shows current status as icon. Having a user driven process instead of covert sensors is also less invasive and more acceptable to staff!

The WCO provides a workspace utilization report and defines a summary of the strengths of each approach.

Advantages of using Qubi for this process;
a) Easy deployment using wireless AIR modelworkspace utilization
b) Visibility of workspace status i.e. green or red and blue (do not disturb)
c) Hosted RX server for data collection (no integration to booking system just instant booking/usage tracking)
d) No requirement to connect to their data infrastructure as latest Qubi Air gateway can use a 3G SIM (we will supply)
e) Quick and easy to deploy/re-deploy – no sensors/cables to mount/dismount – just requires a mains outlet or USB power.

f) Data captured in cloud for monthly reporting analysis.
g) Could be combined with dynamic floor plans showing workspace status

h) Less invasive for staff.

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 Flexnet’s “Activate” Workspace Utilization Solution