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Workspace Management | Hotdesking

Workspace Management | Hotdesking

Qubi is a low cost workspace management solution designed for any organization. It integrates with  Outlook/Exchange, lotus Notes and Google calendars and a number of other booking systems. It is available in POE(Power over Ethernet) or WIFI. You can use Qubi, ResourceXpress or Resource Central, to easily book or extend a conference room or hot desk for a meeting you have now or next week. These modules are built upon your Microsoft Exchange or Office 365 platform. Exchange acts as the glue which ties these solutions together and allows for easy communication between each other, without the need for synchronization.

 Workspace Management Qubi, is an innovative and intelligent workspace management and hotdesking  solution.

  • It offers 360 degree viewing so any user can see the unit anywhere in the meeting room or hotdesk and provides the status of their meeting with an easy to view  green and red LED’s for the status of their meeting.
  • You can check in or out of a room instantly or auto extend your booking by using an RFID card for validation.
  • It allows for “no show” auto-cancellation. So, if there isn’t a check-in within a per-defined period of time, it automatically frees up the workspace for others to use.
  • Qubi offers meeting room ending indication to ensure that the users meetings finish on time.
  • Qubi can promote privacy by allowing you to activate a “Do not Disturb” mode when in an open workspace environment.
  • Qubi is available via wireless or POE.


Click on the Image above to watch a YouTube video about Qubi.

Workspace Management

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Fleximation Systems Inc. specializes in providing best of breed 3rd party software utilities, which leverage and enhance our customers Email environments. Our solutions include  workspace management | hotdesking and Outlook  Meeting Room Scheduling . Our experience enables us to quickly recommend the right solution for our customers requirements and procure it at a price that meets their budget.  For further information about any of our products, please call us at 905-267-3479.

Workspace Management | Hotdesking