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Outlook Meeting Room Booking

Discovery how easy our outlook meeting room booking solution is to use. Our flexible resource and workspace automation platform comprises of two distinct product options.

  1. Outlook meeting room booking through Microsoft Outlook and Exchange via Resource Central
  2. On-demand meeting room booking via Touch Screens Services,  kiosks Outlook and Mobile Devices via ResourceXpress

These products are built upon your Microsoft Exchange or Office 365 platform. Exchange acts as the glue and ties them together and allows for easy communication between each other, without the need for synchronization.

Key features

Our easy to use outlook meeting room booking suite, comprises of Resource Central, ResourceXpress  and touch screen services.  They are the only outlook room booking software solution which use Microsoft Exchange or Office 365 as the foundation for its platform.  It offers users the ability to easily locate and book any meeting room or hotdesk, display the meeting times on a digital display, confirm the attendance of people who are to be attending, or order any associated services. This can all be done through one window, “Outlook”.

This is how its done, Simply create a meeting like you normal would and select “room finder” to find the location and size of the room or the hot desks you need. If you are unsure of what you need, you can mouse over the list of  rooms and view the image or location of the resource and select the room according to the size, floor plan, location of the room or hotdesk.




Once the outlook meeting room booking process is complete, you can order additional  equipment, such as projectors, portable video conference equipment or catering services. When ordering catering, you can select from a specific or a specialized menu, like vegetarian or Kosher. It can also automatically issue visitor or parking passes for those guests who are arriving for a meeting. These capabilities allow your users to easy find and book a room and your administrators will love you, because it is easy for them to configure and manage.

Outlook Meeting Room Booking
Outlook Meeting Room Booking
Outlook Meeting Room Booking

Upon arrival of your meeting,  locate a kiosk in the lobby or access a touch screen display outside a meeting room and click on the floor plan to easily locate the room or hotdesk you have previously booking or simply select the  intend room or hotdesk you wish to use.  The displays will also show any meeting times for that day  and give you the option to check-in or out of the meeting and extend the meeting, as required. Our outlook meeting room booking suite  includes easy to use configuration wizards to help configure the rooms / hotdesks and establish the workflow rules which operate behind the senses. Additionally, you can create reports which define room and workspace utilization, services ordered and more…. All of this helping you to utilize your resources and workspaces more efficiently.

Outlook Meeting Room Booking
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Outlook Meeting Room Booking

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