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Resource & Workspace Management

Meeting Room Scheduling

Hot Desk Booking | Workspace Utilization | Outlook Group Scheduling and Digital Signage Software

Meeting Room Scheduling

Meeting Room Scheduling

Meeting room scheduling and Hot Desk booking is simplified by using Resource Central software.  Resource Central offers an easy way to process any meeting room scheduling request by providing these planning and organizing services through Outlook. Additionally, it can also manage the requests for associated services, such as catering and seating arrangements, AV equipment, internet access or any ancillary services required for your meeting room setup and more….

Meeting Room Scheduling

 On Demand Hotdesk Booking 

By incorporating ResourceXpress On-Demand Hot Desk Booking | Hoteling | Meeting Room Scheduling technology within your organizations environment, it will allow you to reduce office space, which ultimately will reduce costs. So if you are a staff member working remotely and when the need arises for you to go to your office you have a few options available. Resource Central allows you to plan ahead and book you hot desk when you need it. Where as, if you are in the office and need a room or hotdesk now, you can use ResourceXpress to book the room or hot desk instantly via desktop or mobile device and more…

Meeting Room Scheduling

Digital Signage and Touch Screens

Our Digital Sign software solutions provides you with the opportunity to seamlessly integrate your digital signage or Touch Screens with the Microsoft platform. You can book a meeting room in Outlook®, reserve a room or on-demand hot desk booking via a touch screen and it will be immediately displayed on the digital sign outside the appropriate meeting room automatically. It’s that easy to use and more….


Meeting Room Scheduling

Workspace Utilization

Our “Activate”  workspace utilization solution is designed to assist organizations with building a case to support the use of Hoteling/hotdesking  so that they can realize cost savings through the reduction of workspace needed for their organization.

Flexnet’s “Activate” workspace utilization solution comprises of two options:

  • Occupation recording i.e. records when a user is sat at the desk or away from it.
  • Activity based recording solution which records the types of activity at the desk for example, routine works, focused work(do not disturb). collaboration with others, away for the desk but the desk is occupied(in a meeting) on the phone or the desk is available and more….


Meeting Room Scheduling

Exchange Central-Outlook Group Scheduling 

Outlook group scheduling can easily be accomplished by using Exchange Central from Add-on Products. It seamlessly integrates and extends your Microsoft Outlook and Exchange platform and is a client-based team calendaring software solution which can simultaneously book appointments for groups of people and provide resource scheduling of physical resources such as meeting rooms or large conference rooms. Through its outlook group scheduling and exchange group calendar views, you can easily assimilate the agendas and timetables of many individuals and quickly find open time slots in which to schedule resources and activities and more….



We specialize in providing best of breed Meeting Room Scheduling | Hot Desk Booking software solutions. Some of our other solutions include, eDiscovery, Exchange Monitoring and Office 365 Monitoring and reporting, and user productivity solutions like our Outlook Room Booking Software.  Our experience enables us to quickly recommend the right solution for your requirements and procure it at a price that meets your budget. For further information about any of our products, please call us at 905-267-3479.


Meeting Room Scheduling | Hot Desk Booking