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Email Archiving Migration Preplanning Checklist

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A decade ago, organizations were only just waking up to the concept of email archiving.

Now millions of corporate email users worldwide rely on archiving to provide extended mailbox services. Likewise thousands of organizations use archiving to meet legislative needs. These facts illustrate 3 major changes in email-based business communications that have occurred over the last 10 years:

 1. Email is no longer just a carrier mechanism for transient messages. The content itself has become of increasing value, and users expect to get immediate, long term access to this data with no limits on the amount of storage available.

 2. Emails constitute a business record that should be securely retained and be discoverable for many years. For some industries retention periods can be for in excess of 70 years.

 3. The volume and importance of data stored in e-mail has grown beyond expectation to become one of the largest, most valuable data repositories that an organization owns.


If your company has been using email archiving for some years, there may be several reasons why your company may now need to consider changing, moving or merging your archive platform:

  • Business Change.
  • Archive Architecture Upgrade.
  • Improve scalability.
  • Reduce Cost of Ownership.
  • Protection Against Obsolescence.
  • Change in IT Model.
  • E-Discovery Capabilities.
  • Better Support


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