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Resource & Workspace Management Software

Hot Desking and Meeting Room Scheduling

Email Management & Monitoring

Assisting organizations by offering solutions to increase productivity & efficiency.

Introducing our flexible resource and workspace management suite of products. They are designed to help your staff reduce the time it takes to book meeting rooms or hotdesks, eliminate meeting room no shows which will increase your entire staffs daily productivity. They are cost effective since they are built on and leverage your Exchange or your Office 365 platform and having them integrated so easily with Outlook, your staff will love them, because they are easy to learn and use.

Meeting Room Scheduling

Managing and booking Conference Rooms and Hot Desks/Hoteling stations should be easy to do, but often times it’s not. Come and see how our Meeting Room Scheduling/Outlook Room Booking software can make these tasks real easy for your users. Click here for more information about our on-demand or advanced booking solutions.

Email Management

Are you having trouble with Managing your Email Environment? If so, click here to see how we can help you Manage and migrate your email servers, PST’s, Exchange Archives, perform eDiscovery, setup retention & elimination policies and much more…..

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